On the Trail

As I make the rounds of events and gatherings, of restaurants and political meetings in the Mahoning Valley, I meet lots of wonderful people who tell me they care about the same issues I care about. I’m trying to meet as many people as possible so I can truly understand what matters to the residents of District 58 whom I hope to begin representing next January.

Here are pictures of some of the faces I’ve seen and places I’ve been.

Putting the “Fun” in “Fundraiser”

I was honored that my dear friend, Jo Andres, her husband, Steve Buscemi, and my sister, Nanette Lepore, would travel from New York City to meet my supporters. My brother-in-law, Bob Savage, even sang for us—always a special treat! About 350 friends joined us for an afternoon “Steve Buscemi Gala” at Overture Restaurant at DeYor Performing Arts Center. Another 100 friends met later on for “An Evening with Michele Lepore-Hagan.” The pictures tell how everyone enjoyed themselves.

Family Through the Years

If you’ve heard me speak or read what I’ve written, you know that my family and my friendships, which have grown over the many years of living in Youngstown, are very precious to me. You might enjoy seeing some of the family photos that I’ve posted on my Facebook page.

Made in America

I also wholeheartedly believe in the strength of American manufacturing and the importance of keeping jobs in America. I’m incredibly proud of my sister, Nanette Lepore, you is one of the leaders in the move to save the Garment Center in New York City. Here are some pictures from the Made in America fashion show that was held in 2012.

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You can also read an op-ed piece that Nanette wrote about her efforts.

Lowellville Fundraiser

On Thursday evening, March 13, over 50 supporters gathered at Melillo’s Tavern in Lowellville for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a good time.

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Arts & Education

As the daughter of a teacher and an artist/professor, you can understand why I’m so passionate about arts and education. Our Mahoning Valley children must have excellent education available to them, and they must be exposed to the arts. Here are a few pictures of my artistic friends and experiences.

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