Why I’m Running

ladiesgalleryI am running for the Ohio House because state government is failing working families, women, and our most precious resource: our children.

I am running to bring a woman’s perspective to a legislature that is now controlled by a network of conservative good old boys and lobbyists who place their special interests above the best interests of our families.

I’m running because I believe that in order to build a brighter future for our kids we must renew our commitment to public education at every level;

  • Attract high tech jobs;
  • Repair the crumbling infrastructure that handicaps the communities in the 58th District;
  • And make sure that the extraction of our state’s massive natural gas resources is done safely and generates good jobs for Ohioans—not just huge profits for billion dollar out-of-state energy companies.

I am running to ensure that women’s voices are not drowned out by extremists when decisions are made about our health.

I am running because I share the values that define the people of this district: respect for family, a belief in the value of hard work, and a tireless drive to make the world a better place for our kids and grandkids.

I am running because I believe public service is a noble and honorable calling.

And I am running to serve the people of the 58th District because I believe I can make a real, positive difference in their lives and the lives of all Ohioans.

If you share my concerns and my belief that we can build a brighter future, I invite you to join in my campaign. Together we can make Ohio a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Columbus is due for a shake up. We need a woman’s voice in the Ohio House. We must focus on family interests, not special interests. Right now, a network of conservative good old boys and lobbyists control the legislature. They place their special interests above our best interests. Women’s voices are drowned out by extremists who make decisions about our health in backrooms. Public education, from pre-K through the university level, is undervalued and under attack. Teachers are villianized instead of celebrated. Our kids are punished instead of nurtured.

It’s time for a woman’s voice, time to stand up and demand that we put our families first. It’s time for a woman’s voice to direct conversations about our own health. It’s time to renew our investment in public education. It’s time reward our best teachers and foster our children’s future. It’s time to shake things up.